• Francesca Baccarella

UK Government Launch £150m Fund To Help People Build Their Own Home

Great news, the government has unveiled a new £150m fund to kick start a self and custom build home revolution called the Help To Build scheme only requiring 5% deposits. The UK has been struggling for years to cope with the housing demand but with this new finance, the government estimates that self and custom build could add between 30,000 and 40,000 homes a year to tackle the country’s home development crisis.

In 2016, the Right to Build legislation was brought in to help custom builders overcome the most common hurdle, finding a plot of land. Under the scheme, local authorities are required to log requests for plots on a dedicated Right to Build register and in the process help more self-build opportunities to come forward for those who have an interest in building their own home. However, with local authorities struggling to keep up with this legislation, the government is stepping up and putting in place new measures to boost the self and custom build market which will help individuals and small businesses alike.

The key barriers for people building their own home are; finance, finding a plot, expertise and time. With this new fund, finance will be made more achievable through lower deposit mortgages. For those who are worried they do not have enough experience in the field to take on a self-build or simply do not have the time to manage such a project, custom build homes are the way to go. Previously, self and custom build has been seen as unaffordable and unrealistic to the mainstream market however this industry is changing for the better and specialist companies such as Stellco Homes are here to make it a reality for the masses.

Many people dream of building their own home yet self and custom build only make up 7% of the UK housing market. Compare this to the rest of the world where more than 40% of houses are self and custom build and you will see how far behind the UK has become in our housing options. That's why this fund is accompanied by the governments Self and Custom Build Action Plan, published April 2021, which outlines the key barriers they wish to address and their timetable for implementing these changes. To see this action plan click HERE.

If you have also dreamed of living in a house that has been designed by you, Stellco Homes may be able to help. Visit our blog Self Build vs Custom Build to find out more about which option may be right for you.

Customer register

Assessing appetite for local demand for owner commissioned homes can be a challenge for housebuilders, so to complement the local authorities’ self-build registers Stellco Homes is hosting its own register for anyone wishing to build locally in Beds, Bucks and Herts., which is beneficial for both parties. Not only will this build a list of ready customers, but it will also identify desirable locations where people would like to build, giving the company confidence to bid for sites that may be beyond the reach of the average buyer trying to secure land independently. Sign up to our register HERE. However, it also encourages prospective buyers to sign up to their local authority’s registers, too, via the www.righttobuildportal.org