The new word for bespoke homes!

Custom build homes are a new form of buying your house that enables you to design and create your new home as part of a supported process. Custom build makes building your dream home quicker, easier and less risky. Through custom build we aim to give the

choice back to consumers by helping you create a home that meets the needs for you and your family at a fixed price and removes all the hard work and frustration leaving you to enjoy the experience.


We search and acquire unique smaller housing sites within sought after locations capable of accommodating around 5-10 houses. We offer plots to interested clients on our register and together with our architects and designers we help you create a home that truly reflects how you live. We apply and obtain detailed planning permission collectively for all the plots within the site.


With a Custom Build Home you have a choice with the build:


  • Custom Build Shell for you to finish.


  • Custom Build Turnkey ready for you to move in.


Our project and construction teams will ensure it’s built to your specification, on time and on budget.