Should I Buy or Build a Custom House?

When it’s time for a new home, most people are forced to decide whether to buy one already or build a custom house. There are advantages and disadvantages of both to consider.



The newer a home is, the newer their systems and materials typically are. This includes everything from the HVAC and electrical units to the hot water heater and windows. Newer items typically mean lower upkeep and a more energy-efficient home.



Money is always a factor, and there is no one answer for whether buying or building is cheaper. There are, however, factors to consider to help you figure it out.

Of course, there is the overall cost of the home to consider, but that is only a portion. You should also consider the maintenance and insurance costs.

Newer homes tend to cost less to insure as their systems follow the latest building codes. Additionally, newer homes tend not to need as much maintenance. While neither of these facts are always the case, they often are, so be sure to calculate in these costs.


Needs and Desires

You must consider what exactly you need and want from your home. There is a good chance that you will not find the “perfect” home for your family. You might find some that are very close, but there will always be some things that you would like to change. And it may take months- or longer- to find a nearly perfect home.

However, building a new home means that you can have something built that is as close to perfect for your family as it can get. Bespoke custom built homes give the owner the chance to be in charge of their home design instead of having to pick from someone else’s idea of perfection.


While buying an existing home is certainly an option, building a home is the best choice for many. If you are ready to own a home that provides all you need, contact us at Stellco Custom Homes today.